The Final Fiesta: Cancun Bach Weekend!

Fiesta, Siesta, Tequila, Repeat!

Looking for a fun way to spend you bach party in the sun? We took a getaway with our BFF's to have the ultimate bach weekend in Cancun! We're here to tell you why Mexico is ALWAYS a good idea, and how it can be affordable too!

When we think Bachelorette we often think of extravagant weekends with lots of crazyactivities, clubbing, tours, etc. While we love weekends like that, there’s another take on abride’s Final Fiesta that we think is completely underrated. Relaxing on the beach, or by thepool, or even at the spa with your girlfriends! Better yet, this is a great way tospend an all-inclusive trip.

Of course, there are possible downsides to the all inclusive route. Some guests may feelobligated to eat and drink only within your package. So, for those want to leave the resort, and experience things more on the local side, this could be a deal breaker. Another common concern about all inclusive is that drinks can be watered down. Luckily, there is always a way around this. We found opting for tequila on the rocks with lime, not only best fit our Final Fiesta theme, but also ensured us full strength drinks without sugary mixers!  

This also avoids the confusion, and awkwardness of negotiating separate checks. Additionally, This keeps the mood light, and prevents any financial stress that could hinder relaxation! With an all inclusive package the group has very little to worry about.

Secrets Playa Mujeres had an absolutely incredible pool deck! All of the chairs were located right near the pool which was a huge plus. In order to reserve ourselves chairs that face the ocean, we found it best to be up, and putting our beach towels out by 6am. Since that is a tad early for even the most low-key of bachelorette trips, we were able to negotiate with the staff, and pay them a small fee to reserve our spots for us.

All of our Sprinkled with Pink accessories worked perfectly for this relaxed getaway. Our Siesta, Fiesta, Tequila, Repeat tote bags perfectly carried our custom towels, drink floaties, and of course our floppy hats! Each goodie was perfect for our days enjoying drinks in the ocean breeze, sipping on cocktails, and chatting about everything under the sun. Though the simple Final Fiesta with extra siesta time might not be for everyone, it was a great way focus to enjoy an all inclusive package at a beautiful resort, keep things simple and enjoy each other’s company.  

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