Bachelor Party Vs. Bachelorette Party: What's The Difference?

When it comes time for a friend or loved one to tie the knot, there is usually at least one wild and crazy party hosted in their honor. Bachelor and bachelorette parties have become infamous traditions in our culture, but what actually goes down at each?

Bachelor Party

A bachelor party is traditionally a “last hurrah” for the groom-to-be before he enters his journey into married life. It is usually a guys-only event and can involve anything from drinking and partying to some activities that are a little more extreme, such as skydiving or gambling. Much like a bachelorette, the groom may choose to celebrate his bachelor party with a weekend trip to somewhere like Las Vegas or Miami.

Most bachelor parties take place about a month or two before the wedding. This gives the groom and his friends enough time to party it up, but also enough time to recover and prepare before the big day. If you choose to have the bachelor party the night before the wedding, don’t plan on having too wild of a night. You won’t want to be tired and hungover for your wedding day!

There are no real rules when it comes to bachelor parties. Some people choose to go all out and have a crazy party weekend, while others prefer a more low-key night out with their buddies. It really depends on what the groom and his friends like to do. Stereotypes for bachelor parties likely include strip clubs and other activities that the bride-to-be likely wouldn’t approve of. In most cases, however, bachelor parties are much like bachelorettes including drinking, dancing, and maybe a bit of gambling.

People have bachelor parties for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s a way to say goodbye to the single life and hello to married life. For others, it’s an opportunity to celebrate with the groomsmen before the stress and chaos of the wedding day.

No matter what the reason, bachelor parties are a fun way for the groom and his friends to let loose before the big day. They're a chance to have some last-minute fun and celebrate the upcoming nuptials. And, most importantly, they're a chance for the groom to have some good old-fashioned fun with his buddies.

Much like a bachelorette, the people invited to a bachelor party are typically the groom, his groomsman, and any other friends he wants to celebrate with.

Bachelor Rundown 

The groom's friends usually split the cost of the bachelor party evenly. This helps to make sure that everyone can participate and have a good time.

There are a number of places where a bachelor party can be held. Some people prefer to have it at a bar or club in their hometown, while others like to travel somewhere and get away for the weekend.

When it comes to bachelor party destinations, there are a number of places that come to mind. One popular destination is Las Vegas. This city is known for its casinos and active nightlife, and it's the perfect place to throw a wild bachelor party. Another popular destination is Miami. This known for its warm beaches and wild parties. It’s the perfect place to let loose before getting married. There are also a number of other places that can be great for a bachelor party, such as New Orleans, Nashville, and Cancun. Everybody is looking for something different, so it all depends on what the bachelor crew is looking to do on their night out.

A bachelor party doesn’t have to be a wild celebration. Some grooms might enjoy something more lowkey like a fishing or hunting trip with the buddies. A trip to a golf resort or dude ranch is also a great way to relax before the wedding. While The Hangover is probably what first comes to mind when we think of a bachelor party, most aren’t quite that crazy!

Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is a party that is thrown for a woman who is about to get married. It is generally a party that is filled with drinks, games, and laughs. Typically, a bachelorette party is organized by the maid of honor with help from the other bridesmaids and sometimes the bride herself.

Bachelorette Rundown

Just like a bachelor party, the bachelorette can be as wild or relaxed as the bride wants. Many people choose to celebrate their bachelorette party at a bar or club, but other fun ideas include enjoying a spa day, going on a beach trip, or even going wine tasting. No matter what the activity is, the most important thing is that the bride and her friends have a good time! Check out our blog on last minute bachelorette ideas for ideas on what to do for the occasion.

There are many different traditions that can be incorporated into a bachelorette party. One popular tradition is for the guests to write down some advice for the bride on how to have a happy marriage. Sometimes the bride receives a piece of lingerie from each guest and has to guess who gave what.

Once you’re out on the town, it’s always fun for the bride to wear a custom sash and veil so everyone knows it’s her bachelorette!

Bachelorette Themes

Unlike bachelor parties, many brides chose to have a theme for their bachelorette. This is a fun way to get all the girls ready to celebrate. Plus custom products make for a truly unforgettable experience! Here are some of our favorite themes:

Last Rodeo
For the bride who loves a good western-themed party, the last rodeo is the perfect option. This theme is always a hit in cities like Nashville and Austin, but such a fun option no matter where you’re headed. With cowboy hats and boots galore, your pics are guaranteed to be SO cute! One of the reasons we love this theme so much is because there are so many fun spinoff themes! Whether it’s the classic western take or a glittery space cowgirl version, you can easily make this theme fit your group’s vibe. Shop our Last Rodeo collection here.

Final Fiesta
Does your squad love sipping on margs and partying at the beach? This fun and festive theme is perfect for celebrating the bride-to-be! Be sure to stock up on colorful decorations, piñatas, and of course, lots of tacos! Shop our Final Fiesta collection here.

If you're looking for a party that is sure to get everyone on their feet, then the disco theme is perfect! With all of the fun music and vibrant colors, this theme is always a hit. Be sure to stock up on all the iridescent decor to really bring the disco vibe to life! Shop our Disco collection here.

Classic Monogram
If you're looking for a timeless option, the classic monogram theme is always a hit. By following a set color scheme, you can make your bachelorette feel cohesive, even without a theme. Plus, this style is perfect for any destination! Shop our monogram collection here.

Visit our website for even more theme ideas! Dreaming of a theme that’s not currently on our site? We custom make all of our products so we can help create any theme you’re looking for!

Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Costs

The cost of a bachelor or bachelorette party can vary depending on the location and activities that are chosen. Plan to spend money on food, drinks, and any additional activities. Also consider travel expenses. If the trip is out of town, you’ll need to plan for airfare and accommodations. Check out our blog for tips for throwing a party on a budget.

Travel Ideas

When it comes to choosing a travel destination for a bachelor or bachelorette party, there are many different options to choose from. Here are some of the most popular destinations:

Las Vegas

Sin City is the perfect destination for any bachelorette party. There is no shortage of bars, clubs, and casinos where you can let loose, explore, and have a good time. Shop our Vegas collection here.

New Orleans

This city is known for its vibrant and festive atmosphere! With plenty of bars, delicious cajun food, and of course Café Du Monde’s famous beignets, there’s something for everyone! Plus, New Orleans is home to some famous jazz clubs, so be sure to check out the music scene while you're in town. Shop our New Orleans collection here.


With its sandy beaches and lively nightlife, Miami is the perfect place for a bachelor or bachelorette party. Here, the party never stops, literally. Shop our Miami collection here.


Known for its country music and nightlife, Nashville is the perfect city for a bachelor or bachelorette party! There are plenty of bars, restaurants, and clubs to choose from. Be sure to check out top hot spots like Honky Tonk Central and Layla's Honky Tonk.They're a must-see for any visitor to Nashville. Shop our Nashville collection here.


Another country hotspot, Austin is the perfect destination for groups looking to have a good time! Enjoy bar hopping on Rainey Street (Unbarlieveable is our favorite!) and brunch at Grizzeldas. Shop our Austin collection here.

When it comes to a bachelor or bachelorette party, the sky's the limit! The most important thing is to choose a theme and activities that the bride or groom will enjoy. Looking for more ideas? Check out our other blogs for the best party planning tips and inspiration.

Celebrate Together

Combining the bachelor and bachelorette parties into one big celebration is a great option if the groomsmen and bridesmaids are all friends! Celebrating over a long weekend gives both groups plenty of time for their own activities during the day (ex: golfing for the boys and spa day for the girls). Then you can all come together and party at night! If you’re combining the two parties, just make sure everyone is on the same page about the vibes for the weekend.

Check our blog on other unconventional bachelorette party ideas if you want to create a truly unforgettable experience.

No matter how you choose to celebrate, the most important thing is that everyone has an amazing time. Happy planning and let us know how we can help bring your celebration to life!

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