Camp Birthday Party 

If you or someone you know is a nature lover, you’ll love this camp-themed birthday party idea! Here at Sprinkled with Pink, we know how to throw the perfect party for any kind of guest. We recently worked with Hunter Premo to create this camp-themed party for her son, Remy’s second birthday, and her guests LOVED it.

We created custom decorations and party favors such as hats, fanny packs, t-shirts, and party pouches to ensure that Remy’s birthday was unforgettable. If you’re planning a party or looking for a gift for a camping, hiking, or outdoor adventurer, you’ll want to check out this guide on the perfect camp-themed birthday party products!



Setting the Scene For a Camp Birthday Party

When planning a party, the first thing you need to do is to set the scene for a memorable (and Instagrammable) atmosphere. You’ll probably want to have this party outdoors and decorate the area to look like a campground. To do this, start by hanging string lights and lanterns around the party space. You can also use custom signs andlight-up letters like Hunter did to add a personal touch. 

 Custom Camp Sign
Hunter also set up a makeshift teepee tent at her party to create a fun background for photos. We love the idea of setting up tents around the space to make it really feel like a camping trip, and if you’re throwing this party for kids, they will love to play in them too! You can follow a DIY guide to make these teepee tents for your party, or you can set up regular camping tents if you already have some on hand.
Hunter Primo's Tent and Camping Sign

Next, set up a few picnic tables or foldable chairs and decorate them with tablecloths, and mason jars filled with led lights or fake candles. For an extra special touch, create custom party packs for each of your guests by filling them with fun camping-themed items like bug spray, binoculars, and S'mores kits!

 What to Wear To a Camp Birthday Party

You’ll want to make sure you and your guests are dressed in appropriate attire for this outdoor adventure. Think about what you would pack if you were going on a camping trip, such as tennis shoes, baseball hats, and comfortable clothes

Lucky for you, we have all the custom camping T-shirts, fanny packs, and hats you’ll need! This is a great way to help everyone get into the camping spirit and it also makes for some great photo-ops. Not to mention, it's a nice keepsake for your guests to take home after the party is over.

For Remy’s party, Hunter decided to provide custom “Camp Premo” hats and fanny packs from our shop- And they turned out adorable!

Custom Fanny Pack

We also have camp-themed sweatshirts in case your party is taking place on a chilly night!

Snacks & Drinks For a Camp Birthday Party

When it comes to food, you'll want to stick with simple yet festive options that will please both adults and kids alike. S'mores cupcakes are always a hit and fairly easy to make, Sally’s Baking Addiction has a great step-by-step recipe you can follow!

Camp Primo Cookies

You can also make camp-themed sugar cookies decorated to look like trees, tents, and campfires. And of course, no camping trip would be complete without some good old-fashioned hot dogs or hamburgers fresh off the grill.

Custom Camp Party Pouches

Don't forget to provide drinks as well. You can buy our customizable camp-themed cups, party pouches, and can coolers for when your guests get thirsty! 

We can also make custom campfire mugs for the coffee and hot chocolate drinkers!
Hunter's food truck

Hunter decided to go all out for Remy’s party and rented a food truck, how cool is that?

Fun Camping Activities:

If you're looking for some fun ideas to keep your guests entertained at your next camp-themed birthday party, look no further! We have a few ideas that will have everyone from the littlest campers to the older adults enjoying themselves. A great way to keep the kids occupied (and let's face it, the adults too) is to set up a few arts and crafts stations. Have some blank journals on hand for guests to decorate however they like, or set out some colorful construction paper and crayons and let them make their own campfire scene.

Another option to consider is a ball pit. Hunter went with this activity for Remy’s party and the whole family enjoyed it- even the adults!

You can also throw a good old-fashioned scavenger hunt! Hide items around the party area for guests to find, and give them clues to help them along the way. For an extra challenge, see if they can find all of the items on the list in under a minute. The first person or team to find everything wins a prize!

And lastly, what's a better way to wrap up a camp birthday party than with some scary (or not so scary) stories around the "campfire"? Set up a fake campfire at your party (bonus points if you can make it smell like smoke too!) and have guests take turns telling their favorite spooky tales. Be sure to have some snacks on hand too, like roasted marshmallows, for everyone to enjoy while they listen.


Party Favors For a Camp Birthday Party

To thank your guests for coming, send them home with camp-themed goodie bags! You can buy customizable bags from our shop like Hunter did, and fill them with fun items like trail mix, granola bars, custom water bottles, and stickers! 

You can include a few small toys or games too if you want to keep the kids entertained on the drive home. 

 Whatever you choose, your guests are sure to appreciate the thoughtfulness.


We had such a blast creating this camp theme with the Premo family and we hope to make your next camp party a blast for you too!

So whether you’re celebrating a summertime birthday, or someone you know just really enjoys camping, this theme is the perfect way to make their big day feel extra special.


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XOXO, Sprinkled With Pink