7 Must-Have Custom Items for a Trendy College Dorm

As you stroll into your dorm room for the very first time, one word says it all — ick. Dorm rooms are teeny-tiny, bare-bone spaces in need of a serious makeover.

Take a breath, scroll through TikTok and get inspired. We're here to bring you seven of the cutest custom college decor items that will take your tiny room from drab to fab. 

1. Personalized Towels

Let's start very practically. Whether you are in a suite-style dorm with a shared bathroom or a residence hall with the dreaded communal bathroom, you need a personalized towel. A cute monogrammed towel is a great way to show off your personality. It also keeps roommates from nabbing yours and using it by accident.

While you're at it, you might want to get an adorable custom robe. Just throw it on before bathtime, take your shower caddy and go.

2. Get Cozy With Throws

When you've got a break between classes, there's nothing like taking a quick snooze. Transform that drab standard dorm bed into your perfect sleep spot. Throw blankets and throw pillows add pizazz and style. Plus, they're super comfy.

If you really want to up your nap game, you'll need a decorative sleep mask. You don't want the sun, or your roomie turning on the lights, to interrupt your siesta.

3. Put Your Jewelry on Display

You wear it, you love it — you can also decorate with it. Putting your jewelry on display makes an artful statement. Plus, keeping your baubles and necklaces organized means you don't have to dig through a tangled heap to find your favorite pieces.

A clear shadow box or acrylic tray is the perfect way to display all those small knick-knacks you love. The clear material lets you pinpoint your favorite jewelry if you're in a rush. Customize it with your name or favorite phrase for a dorm accessory that screams “you."

4. Innovative Space Savers

One thing you'll learn pretty quickly about dorms is that space is a commodity. Most rooms are pretty tiny, and as an added bonus, you usually have a roommate. You've got a bed, a desk and that's about it. Practical space savers can also be cute dorm accessories.

Take packing cubes. These small bags are meant for organizing your luggage, but they are the perfect size for dorm storage. First, though, you'll want to customize them to make sure they're practical and pretty. There are countless ways to use packing cubes:

  • Keep extra school supplies handy.
  • Stow your winter accessories, like hats, scarves and gloves.
  • Separate your summer faves, like shorts, swimsuits and tanks.
  • Create an emergency kit with first aid and pain meds.
  • Store all your extra bathroom accessories in one spot.

5. Custom Refreshments

Water and coffee — the two drinks that will get you through countless hours of classes, sports, rushes, clubs, parties and hangouts. You won't have space for a fleet of flatware, so be sure your dorm has one or two custom cups. From tumblers that keep your water chilly to mugs for your morning coffee, customized drinkware can bring your stamp to a space.

6. Keep It Preppy With Sweaters

While not strictly speaking of “decor," showcasing your collegiate sweater collection gives off a fun prep school vibe. Flaunt your school spirit by displaying a few college sweatshirts. Or, highlight your hometown pride with a sweater from your city of origin. Want to create some roommate unity? Treat them to a custom shirt with a fun tagline:

  • Roomie material.
  • My roomie-in-crime.
  • Roommates by fate, friends by choice.

7. Work on Your Workspace

Yes, college is fun. But don't forget why you're here — to study and grow that brain of yours. A designated workspace helps you focus on your studies when it's time to crack down for that big exam or knock out a research paper. Like every other space in your dorm room, your desk is oh-so small. So, keep it functional with custom desk organizers. A snazzy notepad holder can hold your to-do list, iPad or notebooks, freeing your hands for multitasking.

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