Motherhood is a beautiful journey filled with special moments, fulfilling milestones and even messy days. Celebrate your mother's greatness with custom Mother's Day gifts that express your love and appreciation in a heartfelt manner. 

Our curated collection of personalized gifts takes out the pressure of picking out the perfect present for the mom in your life and eliminates the hours of contemplating, searching and planning. Each gift is handmade with love and attention for every mother and woman.

Sweet Surprises for the New Moms

New moms take on some of the most challenging feats in life, from changing diapers to endless feedings and everything in between. It's a constant battle of long days and sleepless nights. Lift up their spirits and put a smile on their face with our selection of customized gifts for Mother's Day. 

Canvas Tote


mothers day must have gift bag

Make carrying diapers, spare clothes, snacks, bottles and other must-haves more stylish with this embroidered canvas tote! The functional bag comes in various colors, from bright pink to purple to black. Plus, these are completely customizable.

40 oz. Tumblers

40 oz travel tumbler monogram gift

Go for something more practical with these stylish tumblers. You can customize them based on your liking. At 40 oz, each water bottle fits whatever beverage of your choosing. The sturdy handle makes traveling easy, while the insulated lining keeps the drink at the perfect temperature all day.

Momma Merch

Custom Embroidered Collar/ Sleeve Sweatshirt - Sprinkled With Pink #bachelorette #custom #gifts

Children are one of life’s most precious blessings. Gifting her a sweater with her baby’s name stitched into the sleeve is one of the most heartwarming gifts of them all! And as with everything on our list, everything is 100% customizable.

Acrylic Notepad Holder

monogram notepad holder

Let’s face it — life gets busy when you’re a mom. Help her keep those to-dos in order with this custom acrylic notepad holder! Make those daily grocery lists more aesthetic with her name or monogram in her favorite color!

Stylish Gifts for Moms of All Ages

From new moms to seasoned mammas, we have a series of personalized Mother's Day gifts that fit any age. Whether you're looking for something fancy or a more practical choice, our customized gifts are bound to make mothers smile in an instant.


Monogram Acrylic Tray

Acrylic bedside decor monogram jewelry tray

These fancy acrylic trays match perfectly with the notepad holder. They look elegant on the bedside and can easily fit all of your everyday jewelry. Accessorize your living space with a tray that fits your overall style. 

Leather Cardholder

Shadow Monogram Leather Cardholder - Sprinkled With Pink #bachelorette #custom #gifts

Surprise moms with this sophisticated double cardholder made of Saffiano leather. The two slots on each side of the cardholder offer the right amount of storage for your wallet essentials while keeping it chic and minimalistic. 

Custom Phone Cases 

A little customization goes a long way, especially for mothers who love their phones. Choose from our personalized phone cases in different styles and materials, or simply pick our vegan leather case for a classic design.

Explore Our Customized Gifts for Mother's Day

With so many potential gifts on our list, we hope this has given you lots of inspiration to create the most magical idea for spoiling your mom this Mother's Day. Shop some of the best personalized Mother's Day gifts from our wide selection of trendy, handmade and customized products. We would love to see your Mother's Day celebrations. Please tag us in your images!