7 Custom Gifts for Your Child's Teacher

Want to find a custom, heartfelt and practical gift for your child's teacher? At Sprinkled With Pink, we offer several personalized teacher gifts that show how much you appreciate the educator's service. Find the perfect option from our collection today!

1. Custom Pencils

You can brighten a teacher's desk with our custom gold foil pencils, which come in a wide range of fun colors and two set sizes. Whether the educator is the type to enjoy simple white pencils or a colorful mix of options, these creative gifts are a great way to thank them for their hard work. For the extra WOW factor, you can even add hearts to the text you choose.

2. Notepad Holder

Our acrylic notepad holder is one of our popular custom teacher gifts, serving as a practical option for writing notes and a snazzy decoration for their workspace. You can choose the monogram you want, whether you spell out the teacher's name or use their initials, in the color and style you think will work best. Teachers will certainly appreciate this thoughtful gift, which comes with 150 sheets of paper.

3. Colorful Sweatshirt

When temperatures drop, one of the best teacher gifts is our multicolored embroidered sweatshirt. Customize the colorful letters on the front to say “teacher,” write their name or create another option for a gift they will love.

4. Monogrammed Mega Mug

If your child's teacher loves coffee and tea, consider gifting them one of our mega mugs. These classic mugs from the '90s are coming back in full force and make excellent custom teacher appreciation gifts.

5. Personalized Tumbler

Help your child's educator stay hydrated with one of our stainless steel tumblers. These customizable thermal bottles can keep drinks cool for 24 hours or hot for 12 hours, and they come with a clear straw and lid. A bonus is that you can put the teacher's name on the tumbler in bright colors.

6. Custom Canvas Tote

Educators have many teaching essentials to carry around, from planners to pens, and gifting them our embroidered canvas tote can let them transport these items in style. This monogrammed canvas tote bag has several accent color options and is large enough for your recipient to bring all their supplies to work or back home easily.

7. Embroidered Pouch

Our embroidered seersucker pouch can store school items like pencils, pens and erasers. Your child's teacher can find plenty of uses for this monogrammed pouch, and they will appreciate the customization and bright colors.

Find the Best Personalized Teacher Gifts Today

When you choose items from Sprinkled With Pink, you can rest assured that you'll receive high-quality, trendy products. We take pride in delivering consistent quality and sending our handmade items out quickly. Choose our female-founded and -owned business and create joy for your child's teacher when they receive your custom gift.

You can browse our inventory for other monogrammed teacher gifts. Want to learn more? Feel free to contact our team with any questions you have!

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