DIY Boo Baskets: Everything You Need to WOW Your Boo

Halloween and autumn are in full swing. That means it’s time to spoil your boo! What sweeter way to do that than with the ultra-cool TikTok-trending DIY boo baskets? Sprinkled With Pink has compiled a list of the best boo basket ideas to ensure you have everything you need for a spooktacular surprise.

What Is a Boo Basket?

TikTok has revolutionized the traditional boo-basket idea. Originally, boo baskets were the spooky version of an Easter basket — a wicker basket brimming with fall and Halloween goodies that you gifted your neighbors, kids or friends. TikTok has transformed the conventional boo basket from a friend-zone present into the ideal gift to give to that special person in your life.

How to Make a Boo Basket

You want to surprise your boo and impress your followers and fans with the most covetable boo box. Knowing what to put in a boo basket may be the toughest part, so here is a quick item guide to creating that OMG-I-love-this moment:

  • Customized tumbler: What better way to treat your boo than with a personalized tumbler? Add your unique nickname for her on the side, and get it in her favorite color.

  • Cozy sweatshirt: A customized cozy sweatshirt will have your boo looking uber cute this fall. Elevate her boo box experience with a quality, personalized sweater.

  • Candy: 'Tis definitely the season to eat candy! Keep things sweet and load your basket with her favorite types to add color and festivity.

  • Embroidered beanie:A must-have fashion accessory this fall is a beanie. Boost your gift-giving game by getting your boo a stylish embroidered beanie for her basket.

  • Jewelry case:Amp up the no-trick-just-treat vibes this Halloween by getting a personalized jewelry case.

  • Fall-themed fleece blankets:A fleece blanket makes the perfect base for your boo basket. Choosing a fleecy with a fall theme is adorable and allows you to cozy up next to your boo.

  • Seasonal scented candles:If your boo is a fall kinda girl, getting pumpkin spice, apple, cinnamon and warm fire candles is the way to go.

  • Corduroy pouch:A custom, handmade corduroy pouch is another spooktacular boo-basket idea. The trendy pouch will help your girl keep her essential items on her and be something she will cherish long after the jack-o-lanterns are discarded.

  • Custom phone case:A phone cover is a statement piece everyone will admire, ask after and rave about. Get your boo a custom phone case in her favorite color and earn the title of boo basket champion.

  • Spooky movies:Go old school and get your boo a scary DVD. Depending on her taste, opt for a raging horror or cute spooky film, like “Hocus Pocus.” Even if you don’t put a movie in your basket, you can plan to enjoy the basket while watching your favorite horror flick together.

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