DIY Tie Dye: A Step-by-Step Guide using our kits!

Quarantine may be over, but we're not ready to stop wearing our cozy tie dye sweatshirts! Our easy-to-follow tie dye kit  is complete with everything you need to make your own one-of-kind tie dye sweatshirt! Grab your girlfriends for a fun afternoon project, them cozy up in your adorable new sweatshirts. Let's get tie dying! 

Follow our step-by-step instructions below!

Before you begin: Make sure you have a clean workspace. We recommend working outside in the grass or if inside. If you're working inside, make sure the area is fully covered with trash bags. This is only because the dye can stain!

First: Prep your fabric by laying out your sweatshirt flat then beginning to pinch, pleat, or fold fabric to make a design. We suggest heading to Pinterest to check out some cute design and pattern inspo!

Next: Add rubber bands tightly around fabric at various points. The more rubber bands you use and the tighter they are wrapped, the more white space there will be!

Then: Dip your fabric in water; and squeeze out excess. Set aside and let it dry!

Next: It's time to get to dying, so put those gloves on! Fill the dye bottle with water to up to the neck. Replace the cap tightly and shake until dye is resolved. 

Then: Apply dye to the fabric. Make sure to check if the dye has fully soaked into the folds of the fabric. However, make sure not to over-saturate the fabric. 

We suggest letting it sit for approximately 30 minutes to allow the dye to fully absorb.

Next: Wrap your fabric! Cover your dyed fabric with plastic wrap ensuring you have sealed the edges. Then place it on a paper towel in the microwave for 3 minutes. Now, you can remove the plastic and let the sweatshirt cool down.

Once cool: Rinse it in cool water until the water begins to run clear. Then, carefully remove the rubber bands with scissors and unfold the fabric. We're almost done! 

Finally: Wash your sweatshirt in cold water with a mild detergent, rinse and then dry! (Hang dry if you do not want fabric to shrink.)

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