How-to Build an Insta-Worthy Charcuterie Board

Hosting a fall picnic or just craving a delicious charcuterie board? We've got you covered!

Make all your wine and charcuterie dreams come true with this easy-to-follow guide!

You can be the ultimate host by spicing up your picnic with a fun fall charcuterie board; bonus points for it being totally Instagramable!

We’ve teamed up with Olivia from Backyard Social to build the perfect fall cheese board! So pack up your Jute Carryall with your picnic essentials and get ready for the perfect day with your squad!

SWP: What are your go-to cheeses when you’re making a cheese board?

Olivia: When creating a charcuterie board, I love to include differently textured cheeses, typically at least one soft or semi-soft (e.g., brie, camembert) and one hard cheese (e.g., cheddar or Manchego). Don't be afraid to incorporate different colors, sizes and shapes of cheeses as well.

Check out some of Olivia’s personal favorites: Cowgirl Creamery's, Mt. Tam, Humboldt Fog, Truffle Tremor, hard cheeses from Point Reyes Farmstead Cheese Co. (i.e. their Tomarashi).

SWP: Any tips on arranging?


1. Find A Focal Point: Pick a few focal points (depending on the size) or decorative items for your board to place before anything else. This can range from a ramekin of accouterments (e.g., olives, Marcona almonds, cornichons) to seasonal decorations like flowers or a mini pumpkin. Most recently, I actually used a wheel of brie as my focal point, cut out a pumpkin shape from the center, and filled it with a seasonal fig spread.

2. Use Symmetry: I absolutely love symmetry on boards, especially where your focal point is in the center of the board. This means what you add to one side you should add to the other. However, don't be afraid to veer away from straight lines. Who doesn't love a wavy row of berries or prosciutto?

3. Fill All Your Space: Fill extra space with fruit, nuts, herbs (my go-tos are dill or rosemary), seasonal flowers, or themed items (pumpkin-shaped chocolates, etc.). Whatever you do, be sure you have a medley of sweet and savory flavors. I love adding a few pieces of dark chocolate to fill in my boards.

SWP: What types of crackers or bread pair best with cheese boards?

Olivia:My go-to cheeses pair perfectly with either plain, or I prefer the cracked pepper wafer crackers from Olina's. When it comes to breads, I find local, fresh baguettes are your best bet! If you're looking for a tasty gluten-free cracker option, be sure to try Mary's Gone Crackers!

Now that you have a beautiful board, it's time for our favorite part of the picnic -- getting bad and boozy! Our custom wine bags, wine glasses, and party pouches are perfect for picnics.

Olivia is the founder of The Backyard Social, a Southern California business focusing on curating artisan grazing experiences and luxe tablescapes. From Croatia's Istrian peninsula to Sonoma County, Olivia has traveled the world, learning about how cheeses are made, paired, and best enjoyed. Her expertise lies in sourcing artisan and local goods that compliment her clients' personal tastes, preferences, and dietary needs. Olivia sticks to seasonal and primarily organic products to ensure a truly unique and extraordinary grazing experience. Follow her on Instagram!

Now that you have some tips and tricks on how to make the tastiest and most Instagrammable cheeseboard, it's time to make all your fall charcuterie dreams come true!

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