Joint Bachelor & Bachelorette Party Ideas

Joint Bachelor/Bachelorette parties have become increasingly popular! This up-and-coming trend has many people talking and this type of celebration is perfect for Grooms and Brides who have the same friend group! We’ve compiled a list of the top 8 favorite joint batch ideas for you so you don’t have to! Keep reading to find which party works best for you!

1. Beach Day  

Good vibes and tan lines. You can't go wrong planning a beach day trip for your joint celebration. Have the crew meet at a local beach or go on a trip and enjoy some relaxing sun, sand, and sipping. Pack a picnic and play volleyball during the day, then build a fire as the sun sets to share laughs and beers by the campfire. If you want to make things more party-like, head over to a beach club.

2. Yacht Day 

What's better than celebrating the upcoming big day with your best friends by your side? How about celebrating with a joint bachelor and bachelorette yacht party! Picture this: you and your closest friends enjoying the beautiful weather on a luxurious yacht. Let’s booze cruise and enjoy the day in the sun and swimming. Plus, if you time it right you can watch the sunset! Pack a cooler of your favorite drinks and don’t forget your custom Stadium Cups and Party Pouches! All while eating together, with a glass of wine, before heading back to shore. Not only is a joint bachelor/bachelorette party a great way to save money, but it's also a great way to soak up those last few minutes celebrating the fiances. Plus, who doesn't love a good tan line?

3. Competitive games

For the bride and groom who love some friendly competition, game night is the perfect joint bachelor/bachelorette party idea! Gather up the crew and get ready for some fierce and friendly competition. From classic games like charades or Pictionary to more modern favorites like Cards Against Humanity or 'What Do You Meme?' there's sure to be something for everyone. And don't forget the snacks! No game night is complete without munchies. So break out the chips and dip, order some pizza, and get ready for a night of fun.

4. Pool Party

What's better than a pool party? A pool party with all your favorite people! This is the perfect way to celebrate your upcoming nuptials. Get ready for some fun in the sun, tan lines, and cocktails galore. Plus, lots of laughs with your besties. It's sure to be a day you'll never forget! To make it extra special, don’t forget custom beach swag - whether it’s custom can coolers to commemorate the weekend, or a custom pool bag, jute bag or floppy hat - check out these best selling beach essentials they are sure to use beyond the weekend.

5. Dinner Party

This type of celebration is as simple as it gets but will be one to remember. Don’t stop with reservations after selecting a dinner location. Make a reservation for a limo and nightclub. Not only will you get to enjoy a delicious meal, but you’ll also get to toast to your impending nuptials with your best friends by your side. And what’s a party without some dancing? Make sure to hit up the dance floor and let loose before your big day!

6. Backyard BBQ


They say the way to a man's heart is through food, so what better way to have a joint bachelor/bach than by throwing a backyard BBQ party! This is perfect for a laid-back friend group and still lets the girls and guys have their own special moments. The best part about this party is it doesn't require a ton of planning besides a creative menu and a few on-themed decorations. A cute way to still keep this memorable for both crews is custom stadium cups, can coolers, or ice buckets with the new last name or monogram. Some fun activities for this backyard party would be a cornhole tournament, giant Jenga, and any drinking games the group already loves! A fun way to spice up your backyard party would be to have a picture area with a couch, a camera set up, a balloon arch, on-theme accessories, a sign in honor of the new couple, and a possible backdrop. Your party now has an outdoor photo booth that is fun for both groups! This party has limitless possibilities and will be a sweet way to celebrate the future Mr and Mrs! 

7. Wine Tasting 


This is such a fun way to involve your friends in your wedding preparations, so why not have a joint wine tasting? This is a great way to try out potential signature wines for your big day, but it's also a lovely opportunity to spend some quality time with your closest friends. And all that walking around in the vineyard is bound to create some photo-worthy moments! So if you're up for a day of fun, laughter, and (of course) wine, then a joint bachelor/bachelorette wine tasting is definitely the way to go. A fun way to capture this fun day would be to hire a photographer to capture those candid moments! 

8. Lake trip 


If you or your spouse grew up as lake rats, a lake trip would be the perfect way to combine good old times while making new ones. Select the destination of your choice or check out our favorite, Lake Travis in Austin, Texas where you can splash, shop, and sip the day away. There are boats you can rent for just a few hours or book an Airbnb on the lake for a weekend of fun. Make sure to grab our favorite lake essentials including pool bags, jute bags and baseball hats for the whole crew. Plus, a custom floppy hat or swimsuit would be so fun to celebrate your future last name or show off that bride bling! 

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We hope you had as much fun reading about this new spin on pre-wedding celebrations that you can enjoy with your spouse and all of your favorite people. We aim to inspire and leave you feeling confident about which party suits you best. No matter which party style or location you choose, be sure to check out our custom party favors that will make it one to remember. 

Xoxo, Sprinkled with Pink

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