March 31, 2023 2 min read

Pickleball is a great athleisure game that provides fun in the sun and some exercise! Whether you are playing with some friends or joining a local team it is important to know how to play! Not to fear though, Pickleball is an easy-to-learn sport that can be played by people of all ages and skill levels. Here are the steps to playing pickleball.

How To Play Pickleball


You will need a Pickleball paddle, a Pickleball, and a net. Pickleball paddles come in various shapes and sizes, so choose one that feels comfortable in your hand. The ball is similar to a wiffle ball, and the net is 36 inches high at the ends and 34 inches high in the middle.


Pickleball is played on a court that is smaller than a tennis court but bigger than a badminton court. The court is 20 feet wide and 44 feet long, with a 7-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net.


The game starts with a serve. Stand behind the baseline and serve the ball underhand, diagonally to the opponent’s service court. The ball must clear the net and land within the bounds of the opponent’s court.


After the serve, the rally begins. The ball must be hit over the net and land within the bounds of the opponent’s court. The ball can only bounce once on each side before it must be returned.


If the ball is hit before it bounces, it is called a volley. This can only be done outside the no-volley zone.


Points are scored when the opponent fails to return the ball or hits the ball out of bounds. Pickleball is usually played to 11 points, but you must win by two points.


Pay attention to where your opponents are standing on the court. Try to hit the ball away from them and into open spots.


 Communication with your partner is key in Pickleball. Let them know if you are going for the ball or if they need to cover a certain area of the court.

You know have the basics of the game down! Be sure to review these and practice your skills so that you can be on top of your game! Enjoy playing Pickleball!