Top Nautical Bachelorette Party gifts, decor and activities

Ahoy, mateys! Are you looking for nautical bachelorette party ideas? If so, you've come to the right place. In this blog post, we will give you tips on how to throw the best nautical bachelorette party ever! We have all the deets you'll need for decor, the best activities, and food and drinks for the best nautical weekend! So put on your captain's hat and let's get started!


When it comes to nautical bachelorette party decorations, don't just think blue and white and you do not have to keep it strictly sailing theme. White and Pink (or purple) is a super cute way to still keep the Bride in White, and pink matches with everything. Adding mermaid accessories or decorations can make your bach decor go from limited to limitless! You can find nautical-themed banners, confetti, and balloons at your local party store or Amazon. Or if you are feeling creative and DIY some of your decorations. Balloon arches are so easy to make, even for those who don't feel crafty! The best way to learn is through a How-to-video, and you don't have to stop at regular color-themed arches. The best thing to add to a nautical balloon arch is shell balloons, mermaid balloons, and you can't forget an engagement ring balloon. 

Party Accessories

As for nautical bachelorette party accessories, there are lots of options. Matching holographic visors are so cute and very on-trend right now, and the best part is it's an item you know everyone will wear again. Custom cups are a great way to add a personal touch to the party, and they're also a practical way to keep everyone hydrated. Plus, they make for great photos! If you're looking for nautical bachelorette party ideas, be sure to check out our selection of custom cups. We've got everything from "Bride" cups to "last splash" cups - we even have some nautical-themed Koozies for those who want to make sure every drink is themed. And if you're feeling really festive, you could even make some nautical-themed Temporary Tattoos! Whatever your style, we've got you covered. Shop our Last Splash collection!


Nautical drinks can be hard to create without making them cheesy, especially since most recipes you find on Pinterest or the internet. Our favorite way to bring your theme together is to pick your favorite bottles and use our custom labels for a custom touch and the plus of putting it the drink of your choice from champagne to wine to seltzer labels, we got it all!  Bachelorette parties are a special time for the bride and her besties, so drink your favorite drinks and have the best of both worlds! 


There are so many great options when it comes to pool floats for a nautical bachelorette party. You can go with a classic Diamond ring for the bride! The rest of the crew could go for something a little more unique, like a giant inflatable rainbow from Funboy. Our go-to float is always the Funboy rainblow float it's just too cute to not have! They are tons of fun, but pool floats also make for great photos. So be sure to snap plenty of pics of you and your girls floating around in the pool. It'll be memories that you'll cherish forever.

Beach Bags

So you've got all this new stuff for the bach trip, and you need a way to gift it and carry your things for the weekend! Our custom monogram jute bags or the irridescent bags are very on trend. They are convenient to put your Captain hat and cups in, and this is something your crew will be using past the weekend, plus it's very Instagrammable.

Swim Suits 


Another nautical essential is matching swimsuits, and they do not even have to be on theme. They are trendy and make wearing a swimsuit something you’ll look forward to wearing. The bride will LOVE this, especially since she could wear this swimsuit again like “Bride” or “ Mrs. Smith” on her honeymoon. Even if your I do crew doesn’t want the classic Bride Swimsuit, you can customize the swimsuit with pictures or whatever makes everyone say ‘Sail Yeah’! Shop all swim here

I hope that this Nautical Bachelorette Party guide has been everything you have been looking for! Have a question or want some more suggestions? Send us a DM on Instagram, or check out our website for more inspiration. We will be glad to help you with any customization needs to make sure your party sets sail! 

Xoxo, Sprinkled With Pink

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