Fun Bachelorette Party Pool Games

If you're looking for some fun pool party games that will get your guests excited, look no further! We've gathered our favorite games that are perfect for bachelorette parties. Whether you're looking to break the ice or just want some fun activities to keep everyone entertained, these games are sure to please. So grab your bathing suit and get ready for some pool party fun!

Ice Breakers

One of the best things about pool parties is that they're the perfect opportunity to break the ice and get to know everyone a little better. If you're looking for some fun ice breaker games, we've got you covered.

Two Truths and a Lie

The first game on our list is called "Two Truths and a Lie." In this game, each person takes turns telling three statements about themselves, two of which are true and one of which is a lie. The other players then have to guess which statement is the lie. This game is great for getting to know more about your friends and family members.

Would You Rather

Another great ice breaker game is "Would You Rather." In this game, players are given two options and have to choose which one they would rather do. For example, would you rather swim in the ocean or the pool? This game is sure to get everyone laughing and thinking.

The Newlywed Game

One of our favorite icebreaker games is the Newlywed Game. This classic game is always a hit, and it's perfect for getting everyone to mingle and get to know each other better. To play, simply divide your guests into teams of two and have them answer questions about each other. The team with the most correct answers wins!

Truth or Dare

Another great game to play is Truth or Dare. This one is perfect for getting everyone out of their comfort zones and laughing hysterically. To play, simply have each player choose either truth or dare. If they choose truth, they must answer a question truthfully. If they choose dare, they must complete a daring challenge. Be sure to come up with some good questions and challenges ahead of time so the game runs smoothly.

Fun & Games

Once you've broken the ice, it's time to move on to some fun and games!

Marco Polo

One of our favorite pool party games is "Marco Polo." In this classic game, one player is chosen to be "it" and closes their eyes while the other players scatter around the pool. The player who is "it" then calls out "Marco" and the other players must respond with "Polo." The player who is "it" then tries to find the other players by following their voices. When a player is found, they become "it." This game is great for all ages and is sure to get everyone moving.

Water Balloon Toss

Another great game to play at your pool party is "Water Balloon Toss." This game is played in teams of two and the object is to toss a water balloon back and forth between the team members without dropping it. If the balloon pops, the team is out! This game is sure to get everyone wet and wild.

The Thong Game

For a fun activity that will have everyone in stitches, try playing the Thong Game. To play, each player puts on a thong (over their bathing suit) and tries to keep it on for as long as possible. The player who can keep their thong on the longest wins a prize! This game is sure to get everyone laughing and having a good time.

Pin the Kiss on the Bride-to-Be

Another great pool party game is "Pin the Kiss on the Bride-to-Be." In this game, players take turns blindfolded and trying to place a kiss on the bride-to-be's cheek. The player who gets closest to the target wins! This game is perfect for getting everyone laughing and in the party spirit.

Beer Pong

Last but not least, we have "Beer Pong." This classic game is always a hit at parties. To play, you'll need two teams of two and a ping pong table or other large surface. Each team takes turns throwing a ping pong ball into the other team's cups. If the ball goes in, the other team has to drink the contents of that cup. The first team to finish all of their opponent's drinks wins! You can even change out the drink in the cups from beer to everyone's favorite drink or a mix to keep things interesting!

Board & Card Games

If you are wanting a few options for outside the pool these are great board games or card games for any bachelorette party or wanting to spend some time just relaxing outside of the pool!

Jenga with a Twist

One of our favorites is "Jenga with a Twist." This game is played just like regular Jenga, but with a few added twists. There’s Jenga Girl Talk where each block has a question or dare that you must answer honestly! Or try Buzzed Blocks which is similar to Jenga but has an added drinking game in it!

For the Girls is the perfect card game for Bachelorette parties! With 6 different categories, this game is sure to be a fun time and get the girls laughing and learning more about each other. You are guaranteed to be closer after this game!

If you are wanting a card game that is a bit more serious and based on having more meaningful conversations then try We’re Not Really Strangers. This is a card game that has different levels to grow and strengthen the bonds between the players. There is even an extension pack that is directed towards friendships! 

Cards Against Humanity is a classic for a reason. It is a card game where a player will choose a phrase and the other players must submit a card that finishes the phrase. This is another game that is guaranteed to make everyone laugh!

Everyone’s favorite game show with a twist! The Family Feud Late Night Edition brings you and your squad the fun team game but with questions more geared towards adults so it’s perfect for a bachelorette party!

We hope you enjoy these games at your next bachelorette pool party! With these games, you're sure to have a blast! Pool parties are always more enjoyable when there are activities involved other than just swimming.So grab your friends, put on your bathing suits, and get ready for some fun in the sun. Until next time, happy swimming!

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