How To Make Hangover Kits: A Guide

Of course, you want to have an amazing time at your bachelorette, but a weekend full of partying doesn’t come without consequences. Don’t let a nasty hangover leave you feeling sluggish the morning after!

One of our favorite bachelorette trends is giving everyone a hangover kit in their goodie bags. This must-have item will allow you and your friends to bounce back from a night out in no time. Giving your girls a hangover kit is also a great way to show how much you appreciate them celebrating you. What’s better than a bestie who cares about your wellbeing? Plus, with our custom designs, these hangover kits are a cute addition to your theme!

What Is A Hangover Kit?

We’ve all woken up the next morning with a pounding headache from a few too many cocktails the night before. Especially when you’re celebrating a bachelorette, it can be easy to have just a little too much fun at the bar. A hangover kit will be your new best friend!

Essentially, a hangover kit is a mini first aid kit for your wild weekend! Our custom bags can be designed to match your bachelorette theme and then you can fill them with anything you’ll need to power through the weekend.

The perfect hangover kit is small enough to take with you on the go. Imagine laying on the beach the morning after going out. That’s exactly when your body will be craving some electrolytes!

What To Include In A Hangover Kit

Electrolytes, fluids, and food are the essentials for getting over a hangover. You might not be able to fit your fav greasy food in the hangover kit, but you can definitely include vitamins, pain killers, and other essentials. You’ll want mini versions of everything so that your kits are the perfect size for the weekend. You can find the mini versions of almost everything you need on Amazon or in the travel section at Target, Walmart, or CVS.

Here’s what we’d recommend including:

First things first! Pop some Advil and get yourself ready for the day. Adios headache, ya girl is ready for the beach.

Your next step is rehydrating! These Liquid IV packs help you hydrate way faster than with just a normal glass of water. Fill up a glass and chug!

Gatorade is another great way to replenish your electrolytes and keep your body hydrated. The gel packs or gummies are perfect for your hangover kits.

These little pouches really pack a punch! Drinking can affect your immunity so adding in some extra C and B vitamins is a great way to make sure everyone feels their best all weekend.

We get it, the last thing you want to do after a night out is your 5-step skincare routine. Having a mini makeup wipe in your hangover kit will help you go to bed fresh-faced. If you don’t get around to using it until the morning, no judgment!


A granola bar, fruit snack, or trail mix are great to include as well! Getting a little something in your stomach will have you feeling better in no time.

Cure your dehydrated pout with cute, custom chapstick! Plus, these will be so cute in your hangover kit.

All these necessities will definitely help you and your squad feel ready for the next day and night out! However, at the end of the day, drinking plenty of water, fueling up at brunch, and taking a nice nap might be what your body needs to fully recoup. Don’t forget to grab some of our cute sunnies to hide your tired eyes!

Custom Hangover Kit Designs

We offer lots of different designs so you can pick one that perfectly matches your theme! Plus, these iridescent bags look cute in any setup. Get ready for the OMG moment when you girls see all the hangover essentials you included for them. Here are our favorite hangover kit designs:

From Tropic Like It’s Hot to Final Fiesta, we have a design to match every theme! These custom kits are sure to look so cute in your party setup.

This style is perfect for a retro-themed bachelorette or birthday party! Check out our retro collection for all the groovy must-haves.

We know Shania wouldn’t want you to have a hangover! This fun design is perfect for any western-themed party.

You can’t survive a hangover without sunglasses or a hangover kit! This cute design is great for anything theme.

We know that will be your motto all weekend long, so make sure you’re prepared with a hangover kit!

This design is perfect for being ultra-custom! Plus, after the weekend is over, your girls can still use the bag to store toiletries, chargers, or any other small must-haves.

These kits are small enough to carry with you and not be a nuisance, but big enough to hold all the essentials. We found out you can easily fit two Liquid IVs, two packs of Advil, and two makeup wipes. Everyone has different needs though so feel free to mix it up!

Beyond The Bachelorette

Although hangover kits are super on-trend for bachelorette party favors, they can be helpful at all kinds of events and celebrations. We’d definitely recommend having some on hand for your next girls trip or even for your bestie's birthday party!

These hangover kits would also be a great addition to wedding welcome bags to help everyone get back on their feet in time for the goodbye brunch. Hosting for New Year’s Eve or any other holiday? Send your guests home with a custom hangover kit just for them!

No matter the occasion, a hangover kit is a great way to make sure you and your friends are able to make the most of your celebrations. There’s no bigger party-pooper than a bad hangover, so make sure you’re prepared!

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