July 20, 2022 3 min read


Our Top Cowgirl Themed Bachelorette Party Ideas 

Need some help putting together a Western Theme Bachelorette Party? You've come to the right place! We've put together all the best apparel, accessories, decor, and more, to bring your "Last Rodeo" Bachelorette party to life!  

Apparel For The Most Creative Bachelorette Party Themes


Matching shirts are a bachelorette party must have! Shop our rodeo apparel here to pull your groups entire theme together. 


What better for a Western theme than cowgirl hats? Matching ones! Select your favorite hat for the bride and matching ones for her babes and start customizing! Whether you want Bride White or Cow print, the opportunities are endless! Click Here to shop!


You can't have a western-themed bachelorette party without some cowgirl boots! If you’re looking for a pair that are trendy and won’t break the bank - Amazon is the way to go as they are super cute and while they aren’t a luxury brand, they’ll get you through your party and then some! 



Accessorize the bride with a special cowgirl sash that says "Hannah’s Last Hoedown” or any Custom Sash message your heart desires! Or grab our ready made “Getting Hitched” Sash that will emphasize your western theme perfectly. Click Here to shop Last Rodeo collection sashes and more!


A bandana is the perfect accessory for any outfit! From Custom Monogram to your favorite color, you’ll surely find one you adore! Click Here to shop.


Whether you’re heading to the pool or hitting the down, do it in style with some matching Sunglasses available to customize for the whole crew! These make any activity or photo as iconic as it should be! 


Some Western-themed Earrings will really complete the look! Amazon has a bunch of affordable options to choose from and party packs you can grab for all of the girls. 


If you want to go all out with the cowgirl theme, get a cowgirl veil! This is the perfect way to show off the bride even more and with a Custom Last Name and Custom Script option, the customization opportunities will fit any of your needs! Shop Last Rodeo collection!

Hangover kits

You can’t have a proper hoedown without a rowdy recovery. Grab the whole crew a hangover kit that will keep them on their toes all night or weekend. Available in our Rodeo theme or Custom names, these kits will surely be used by the end of the night. Click Here to shop all hangover kits.

Fanny Packs 

Fanny packs are making a comeback and what better way to utilize one than at a cowgirl themed bachelorette party? This can help carry all your things while still being hands-free to ride horses, rope some steers, or dance the night away! Check out our available Last Rodeo Fanny Packs Here

Jute Carryall 

Our Howdy Jute Carryall is the perfect bag for welcoming gifts or to carry around anytime, anywhere. This bag is the perfect addition to your western theme bachelorette party and will be used long after the party is over. Shop all Jute Carryalls 




These cups are a great idea for those of you wanting to be extra rowdy on your last rodeo. These Stadium Cups are the ultimate upgrade from boring solo cups and are the perfect 16oz of fun your girls will love! Shop Last Rodeo Stadium cups Here.

Can Coolers 

From Howdy, to Cow print, to Hitched, our can coolers come in a variety of cowgirl-themed designs and colors! You can also add a personal touch with a name or phrase. We even have Boot Shaped Can Coolers 

in our Last Rodeo collection.

Drink Labels

Whether you want to class up some mason jars or just want to add a cowgirl touch to your drinks, our cowgirl drink labels will do the trick! These will spice up any photo, table setting, or cooler all weekend! Shop our Rodeo Labels Here




No party is complete without a photo backdrop! Our favorite backdrops come from Oh My Darling Party Co (like below!). Looking for a more affordable option? Amazon has great fringe backdrops that will match your vibe perfectly


From Blushin’ Bride to Rhinestone Cowgirl, Lushra has a ton of ready made Garland Kits to choose from. 


Banners are a great way to decorate for any party, and amazon has Cowgirl Themed Banners perfect for your bachelorette party! They come in a variety of designs, so you can find the perfect one to fit your party's style. Hang one of these up with your backdrop and you're ready to get rowdy! 

For even more Last Rodeo bachelorette party swag, check out our “Last Rodeo” theme section on our website!