Tips For Throwing A Bachelorette Party On A Budget

The number one hardest part about being maid of honor is all of the costs associated with it. From planning multiple events to buying dresses, there are a lot of big costs that go into the role. Of course, you will do it all anyway with a big smile on your face because you want your bride to have nothing but the best, but that doesn't mean you have to empty your bank account in order to do so. When it comes to bachelorette parties, the sky's the limit when it comes to expenses. But with a few savvy tips, you can save money and have just as much fun. Sprinkled With Pink is here to give you the inside tips and tricks of planning a killer Bachelorette party on a budget!

Setting Your Travel Budget

One of the easiest ways to hike up the price of a bachelorette party is deciding to travel, but if done correctly, it’s possible to get out of town on a budget! One way to save money while choosing to travel is by picking a location that doesn't require expensive flights and a trip to the airport for only a weekend trip. If the bride and her gal pals are up for it, plan a road trip and choose a city or town within driving distance. This will save everyone on both gas and hotel costs. Another option is to stay in someone's home instead of booking a hotel room. Not only does this save money, but it can also be more fun and comfortable by having the ultimate slumber party full of movies, snacks, and face masks! You can have fun games like bingo or trivia but with a twist! Make ordinary board games all about the bride or the soon to be newlyweds and have a few small gift bags for whoever wins. Remember the trivia game episode from Friends? That could be you and your squad having an epic game night, but hopefully no apartments are lost!

If you still have the travel bug and want to hit the airport, another way to save money when traveling is by picking a time of year that isn't peak season for the city you’re wanting to visit. By doing this you can avoid inflated flight and hotel prices and over crowded destinations. For example, if you're looking to go to Miami, Florida for some bachelorette party fun, try going in September instead of prime time June. You'll still get that amazing warm weather without having to compete with every other bachelorette party group in town! If you would rather go to the east coast, California is much cheaper in October so hit up Napa Valley to enjoy the perfect weather at a much better price!

When planning any type of vacation, activities are always one of the biggest expenses. However, there are many ways to enjoy popular tourist attractions while spending less. For example, many major cities offer free walking tours. These guided walks take visitors around the town and show all of the beautiful features to the city at little to no cost! Check out different city guides to find options for group activities that won't wipe out everyone's wallets! And don’t forget to take advantage of those group discounts! Some places will have a 10+ guest discount that can save some major change, so it can’t hurt to call and ask the places you want to go to try and save those few extra dollars.

Food & Drink Budget

When it comes to food and drink, there are plenty of ways to save as well. Instead of ordering expensive cocktails or hors d'oeuvres from the bar or a caterer, have everyone BYOB (bring your own booze) and make appetizers. You can also make things like sangria or margaritas and have a make your own cocktail night so all you have to worry about is various ingredients. This is a cheaper drink option and it gives the girls another fun activity to do all together!

There are still ways to save on food and drink even when traveling, as well. If you are road trippin' it with the girls, pack some snacks and some box lunches to avoid stopping at gas stations for impulse snack buying or fast food restaurants for meals that can start to add up. If you are flying and staying at a hotel, take advantage of the complimentary breakfasts or meals that are included in the cost of the rooms. It’s also a good idea to scout out some restaurants in the area ahead of time to see if they offer great deals or free appetizers with purchase of a drink.

Themes, decorations, and gifts, oh my!

Should there be a theme? The answer is “yes”, but you don’t have to fret about the money, this is SWP’s time to shine! Themes and decorations are key elements to any bachelorette party. The more creative, the better! Sprinkled With Pink has you covered no matter what you're looking for when it comes to themes, gifts, party favors or whatever you may need to have the perfect party. We offer everything from custom cups, coasters, tote bags, sashes, & so much more. We even have travel essentials like jewelry cases and luggage tags that can make that road trip or air travel so much easier. Our products can also be customized with your own personal touch by adding the names or monograms of each guest in attendance to make sure they each feel appreciated and special and prepared to have the most fun at the bach party!

We also have a variety of themes to choose from that are perfect for every bride and her girl gang. Last Rodeo, Disco Fever, 90’s, and many more, you are bound to find a theme that your bride and her guests will love! We put together collections for themes with a variety of different products that come together to create the bachelorette party of a lifetime! But don’t worry, our prices can’t be beat, so we can help you find the best items for you and your guests while adhering to your budget.

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The Pregame
Girl, save that $15 drink for another time and pregame before going out! Half of the fun of going out with your girl gang is the time spent getting ready and jamming to some music to hype everyone up. If you choose to drink, going out and buying drinks can start to add up in cost especially if you plan on bar hopping or have multiple destinations on the itinerary for the night. Start the party early and save a few coins before heading out by pregaming at the hotel or wherever you are staying! But be sure you have a way to safely get from place to place:)

Don’t do this alone!

Don't be afraid to ask the bridal party or other guests to chip in! It doesn't have to be completely out of your pocket to plan a night or weekend for 10-15 people. We guarantee they would be more than happy to help with the cost, and in return let them help plan and bounce ideas off each other! You all know the bride the best and they will be enjoying the bach party with you, so use that to your advantage for some extra helping hands!

Overall, there can be many different ways to save money on planning a bachelorette party without having to obsess over extreme couponing or scrolling through Groupon to find the holy grail of discounts. We want to help you ball on a budget and be able to host an amazing bachelorette party for you bride and her guests while being able to make smart financial decisions and save a buck or two. You can save money on traveling by picking a location within driving distance or staying in someone's home. You can save money on food and drink by having everyone bring their own appetizers and drinks or pregame before you go out. You can utilize city guides and find free or discounted group activities like walking tours to see popular tourist attractions without spending any extra money. And last but certainly not least, you can buy customized products from Sprinkled With Pink which allowed for unique gifts for guests and took this bach party to a whole new level. All together with these tips, you saved the bachelorette party group hundreds of dollars! Not only was the bride able to celebrate her last days as a single lady, but she did so without breaking the bank!

Worried about all the tasks and duties that come with being Maid of Honor? We have your back with the ultimate guide and checklist to being Maid of Honor! You won’t forget a thing and you will be ready to help your bestie through her planning of the best day of her life! Check out the Ultimate Maid of Honor Checklist here.

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