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Top 3 Must-Haves for a Fun Bachelorette Party

A bachelorette party is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Therefore, it should be a super fun celebration doing something you always wanted to experience with your besties. Perhaps a lavish yacht party or a VIP bottle service in a top nightclub downtown. Maybe your idea of a perfect bash is destination bachelorette party weekend where you have enough  time to bond, have fun, and experience new things in a fun city with your favorite ladies. From my experience, there are three key factors that can make the bachelorette party unique and memorable.

1. Fun cute gift bags full of swag

Ladies, we all love gift bags. You can customize your bachelorette gift bags in countless ways. We recommend stuffing the bags with personalized goodies that your guests will truly enjoy. When you chose a cute theme or a fun color palette for the party, you can create personalized gift bags for each of your gals. The main rule here is to have fun creating these unique gifts. After all, with the wedding pressure, you really don't need any more stress.  


2.Choose a sunny destination

We love having fun under the sun, so make your bachelorette party last longer than usual. Make it an entire fun-filled weekend and choose a sunny destination from your bestie's bucket list. 

There are so many epic bachelorette party spots throughout the country, I'm sure you can find the perfect one for your group. Sunshine cities such as Miami, San Diego, Phoenix, Austin, or Palm Springs are just some of the great destinations where you can wear those customized matching sunglasses, flip flops, and beach hats. You will have loads of fun under the sun and of course, get Instagrammable pictures.

What's your favorite daytime activity?

  • Having fun on the beach and sipping cocktails on a yacht? Take your crew to Miami or San Diego. The sun-beach-ocean combo makes these cities top bachelorette party spots. Add the vibrant nightlife scene to the mix and you'll get the perfect bash.
  • Are your girls more into outdoor adventures or love to dance the night away in bars with live music? Take your group of adventurous ladies to Texas. Austin and Dallas have so much to offer for bachelorette party groups. When you add some insanely hot cowboys to the package, you'll get that blowout getaway you always dreamed of.

Our bachelorette party groups enjoying their Cabana Boys

3. Bachelorette entertainment packages

Are you ready for the next level? Are you ready to explore your besties’ naughty side? Spice your bash up with some seriously hot entertainment. Book bachelorette party packages created and tailored to your group's style and preferences. 

Ladies, we all love Bad Boys, we might not marry them, but we definitely love to be entertained by these sexy hunks. When you book Bad Boy male dancers for your party, sexy guys with sculpted bodies and irresistible smiles will come to your party prepared with dynamic performances and exotic dancer party games. Imagine your group of girls sipping on your cocktails while admiring all those washboard abs and gyrations. Male dancers are the perfect nighttime entertainment.

During the day at the pool, we recommend ordering some sizzling hot Cabana Boys to come service your every need. These guys can blow up your pool floats, help with your spray sunblock, pour cocktails, open champagne bottles, and even get the bees out of the pool. These nice Cabana Boys are a great warm-up for the weekend festivities.

Booking these bachelorette party packages for your upcoming bash will guarantee an incredible night of fun and excitement. So, ladies, pick a destination city, order your custom bachelorette swag bag, and book sizzling entertainment packages to make this weekend memorable.

 xo, Bad Girl Liz, CEO of Bad Girl Productions

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Bad Girl Liz, the founder and the CEO of Bad Girl Productions worked in various areas of the entertainment industry in San Diego and Hollywood. Using her entertainment industry background, her talent, and skills, she creates customized bachelorette party packages to provide The Ultimate Bachelorette Party Experience.