Valentine's Day Gift Baskets: How to Put One Together

Make this Valentine's Day even more special by thinking outside the box with your gift ideas. While flowers and chocolate are great standalone gift options, treat the one you love to a curated basket of goodies you pick yourself. Find some ideas below to make your Valentine's Day gift basket more magical.

How to Make Valentine Baskets

One of the best parts about making a Valentine's Day basket is you get to pick each item that goes into them. Before picking out items, however, you'll want to get the following:

  1. Basket: A basket that allows all your items to fit snugly inside can help the basket look fuller. If you don't want to use a basket, use a heart-shaped box, plastic bucket or other special container.
  2. Gift tag: Use a gift tag or a Valentine's Day card and make sure to include a little personalized message.
  3. Tissue paper: Tissue paper is a great option to fill any extra space in your basket.

What to Put in a Valentine Basket

If you're looking for inspiration for your Valentine's Day basket, we have plenty of suggestions to make your sweetheart smile. Some of our top valentine bucket ideas are:

  • Jewelry in a Custom Jewelry Case: Whether your loved one loves to travel or needs a compact way to keep their jewelry organized, this Script Large Travel Jewelry Case is a lightweight way to store earrings, rings, necklaces and more.

  • Wifey Sweatshirt: Your first Valentine's Day as a married couple is so special, and what better way to celebrate this than with our Custom Wifey Sweatshirt you can embroider with your shared last name.

  • Chocolates: Give your loved one a gift that's just as sweet as they are when you include chocolate in their Valentine's Day baskets.

  • Dreaming Of…Sleep Mask: Every night is full of sweet dreams with our Dreaming Of…Sleep Mask that you can customize with your name.

  • Pink Heart Pencils: If your loved one is a teacher or wants to spruce up their office, these Pink Heart Pencils are the perfect way to celebrate the holiday.

  • Pink or Red Fleece Blankets: Help your loved one stay cute while feeling cozy by including a few fleece blankets in red or pink.

  • Heart-Shaped Sunglasses: These Heart-Shaped Sunglasses are a great addition to any Valentine's Day basket, and you can personalize them with one or two words of your choice.

  • Wooden Flowers: Enjoy the beauty of flowers without the mess of pollen or fallen petals by adding wooden flowers to your gift basket.

  • RomCom Movies:Pack your basket with some RomCom movies, so you can enjoy a romantic movie night after opening the basket. Some of the best movies to celebrate the feelings of love that Valentine's Day brings are:

  1. The Wedding Planner
  2. The Proposal
  3. The Wedding Singer

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