Welcome Bags For Any Occasion

Whether you are having a destination wedding or staying close to home, welcome bags are the perfect way to greet guests for the weekend. Afterall, your guests may have traveled a long way to come celebrate with you. Giving them custom goodies bags when they arrive will help show your appreciation and make a memorable experience. We have all the tips on how to create the best welcome bags for your big day.

What is a welcome bag?

Wedding welcome bags are essentially a favor to give your guests when they arrive for your wedding. They are a great idea if you’re having a destination wedding that requires guests to stay in a hotel for the weekend. Even if your wedding is close to home, you’ll likely still have out-of-town guests. Giving them a welcome bag is not only a way to say thank you, but can also help make their hotel room feel like home for the weekend.

Plus, providing welcome bags is a great way to make sure your guests feel welcomed even if you aren’t able to personally greet everyone before the ceremony.

What to Include in Your Welcome Bags

There are endless possibilities of items to include in your welcome bags. Customization is key for making sure your guests feel welcome and appreciated. When thinking of items to include in your bags, we recommend an assortment of items to make your guests’ stay more comfortable, like snacks, water, and maybe a signature cocktail. Plus, it’s also fun to include a souvenir from the weekend. Wrap everything up in a custom jute carryall!

Here are our top recommendations of what to include in your welcome bags:


Room service is pricey, so leave them a few snacks. This is a great opportunity to feature local businesses or iconic foods of the city. For an ultra custom experience, package the snacks in cellophane treat bags with custom labels.


There’s nothing worse than not having water in your hotel room! Make sure everyone stays hydrated by giving them a few bottles of water for the weekend. Add custom labels to match the theme of your wedding.

Signature Cocktail

Get the party started with a signature cocktail or champagne toast! Give your guests a mini liquor bottle and mixer or a mini champagne bottle. Don’t forget to add custom labels to the bottles and custom drinkware for them to enjoy their beverage from.

Wedding Keepsake

Obviously they need a souvenir from their travels! Include a keepsake from the wedding so they can reflect on a fun weekend of celebrating you. Custom drinkware or baseball hats are a great option.


No late comers on your wedding day! Include a list of important times so your guests are never walking in late to the most important events.

Personal Note

This is your opportunity to tell your guests how much you appreciate them. Add a note in their welcome bag to personally thank them for celebrating you!

Local Recommendations

Finally,  leave them with recommendations to explore the area and see the beautiful location of your wedding destination. When they are not at wedding festivities, they can enjoy local restaurants, parks, museums, or any other local attractions.

Welcome Bag Designs

Now that you know what to include in your welcome bags, make sure to pick the perfect design for your wedding. We have three different welcome bag themes that work with most wedding styles. Plus, we make everything by hand, so if you want a custom design, just let us know!

Upload your own design to create the most custom welcome bags! Sprinkled With Pink’s CEO & Founder, Kendra, went with a classic, blue and white design for her Austin wedding. Kendra’s welcome bags are a great example of how to incorporate local businesses. The snacks in her bags included popcorn from Doc Popcorn, pecan pralines from Lammes Candies, and cookies from Girl House Bakes. Her guests loved experiencing some of Texas’ local goodies! Plus, the Howdy bags were perfect for the occasion!

Whether you’re having an elegant, big city wedding, or something more relaxed, you can’t go wrong with this sleek style! Your guests are sure to love this look.  

Add a classy touch with this traditional style. The interlocking monogram creates a romantic feel, perfect for celebrating your big day!

This style is a must for any beachy or tropical destination. After the wedding, your guests will love using these custom items on their next beach vacation!

Tips For Putting Them Together

When making welcome bags, you will want to consider a few things before putting everything together. You’ll want to have all the bags filled and ready for your guests before they arrive. Arranging the bags might take a while, so be sure to plan extra time and make sure your bridesmaids are ready to help. Once you have all the bags filled, tie a ribbon around the handles for that final touch. You can either have the bags waiting in the hotel rooms or at the check in counter. Ask the concierge in advance so you know what to plan for.

Sprinkled With Pink is your go to place for wedding welcome bags! These bags are a wonderful way to welcome your guests and thank them for traveling to be with you on your special day. Our welcome bag themes work well for most wedding styles, but let us know if you’re interested in something even more custom. We hope this blog helps you create some beautiful welcome bags for your loved ones!

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