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Blue Nylon Pouch with Patches

Patch letter/symbols here (see below for how to order)

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These custom pouches are perfect for organizing your must-have essentials! Toss your sunnies and vacay essentials or tech or make-up in our Monogram Pouch or use it to store your make-up! How will you use your pouch?

Bag Details:

  • Blue Nylon Zipper Pouch
  • Easy clean lining; spot clean exterior 
  • 10.25" x 5.25" x 3.25"
  • Patches are permanently adhered, not sewn.
  • Patch Color Options: White, Light Blue, Light Pink, Lavender
  • Symbol Options: pink lightning bolt, white lightning bolt, rainbow, white heart, pink heart, blue heart, airplane
  • In the wording box, please tell us the patch you want and the color, for example:
    • KKL (all pink patches)
    • K (pink) K (blue) L (white)
    • KKL (all pink) airplane

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