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Getting ready on your wedding day is part of the fun. It's when you'll take cute selfies and TikToks, sip champagne and, most importantly, glam up and prepare for the big "I do's". You need a space where your bridal party can get ready, dress up and spend your last moments together before the ceremony. 

Your bridal suite should also have some supplies to ensure you're stocked for the day and ready to face your itinerary of tasks before getting hitched. Make sure these 10 must-have items are in your bridal suite.

What Is a Bridal Suite?

A bridal suite is specifically for your wedding day. It's typically a room at the venue where you and your bridesmaids mentally and physically prepare for all the day's festivities. It's part of the fun and also serves as a functional space where you get your hair and makeup done, relax and take those adorable pics with your girls. Remember to add some music and create a playlist to make it a vibe!

Must-Have Items for Your Bridal Suite

Pack these essentials for your bridal suite to ensure you've got it all covered and your day goes smoothly.

1. Bridal Robes

Women wear custom robes in the bridal suite

Number one on the list — a bridal getting-ready slip. Getting customized bridal party robes for you and your ladies is super cute. You get to take those adorable pics and TikToks of you clinking your champagne glasses and create Insta Stories to tease your followers with before the Big Day photos splash across your social pages. 

Plus, bridal robes serve a practical purpose. They protect your dresses and accessories from makeup, food and drink stains. You'll be able to move freely, have fun and look Gram-worthy. 

2. Slippers

It's safe to say weddings have you on your feet all day. Once you walk out of the haven of your bridal suite, you need to be camera ready for the vow exchange, the reception and all the dancing and festivities. 

Keep your feet comfy, clean and covered with customized fluffy bridal slippers for your suite. Easily slide off your slippers and slip on your party shoes when it's time to walk down the aisle.

Women stick their slippered feet into a circle post

3. Steamer

A steamer is super important to take to the bridal suite. It will tackle any wrinkles in your robes or clothes, and it's way safer than an iron. The last thing you want is someone to singe your gown just before you say “I do.”

4. Jewelry Case

A jewelry case is another must-have. You'll want to keep your rings, necklaces, bracelets and other jewelry items safe while your hair is being styled and your makeup is being perfected. A jewelry case is better than just a bag because it secures each item and prevents damage.

A set of personalized jewelry cases for the bridal party also makes an exceptional gift.

A custom white jewelry case full of gold jewelry

5. Champagne Glasses

You have the music, girls, robes and gear. Now you need bubbles! Drinking bubbly from custom stemless acrylic flutes will make for fabulous pictures, and the glasses are a gift your bridesmaids can reuse. Acrylic flutes have the classy look of glass and are shatterproof, stackable and recyclable. 

A custom champagne glass with gold script is filled with champagne

6. Ice Bucket

Whether you're saying your “I do's” on a hot and balmy or chilly day, the bubbly and drinks must be cool. A wide ice bucket with monogrammed detailing increases the glam factor and serves the practical purpose of having chilled drinks. 

A clear ice bucket customized with a monogram

7. Snacks

It's easy to forget to eat with all the excitement and buzz. That's why snacking is better than whole meals. Healthy snacks will sustain your energy and blood sugar levels and are the perfect items to grab. Remember to get snacks that aren't oily, messy or spicy. You want no stains or bloating on your big day. 

Also, remember water! Place it near the snacks so it's easy to see. If you want to be extra and drive the Gram wild, get custom water bottle labels made.

8. Phone Chargers

You'll be taking tons of TikToks and pics all day. The day must be adequately documented! That means your batteries will need recharging before you walk out the doors. Remember your chargers, and bring along power strips, too. Many of the outlets will likely have hairdryers and straighteners plugged in, so an extra power strip or two will allow multiple-phone-charging capabilities. 

9. Makeup Remover Wipes

You may think you have all your emotions under wraps — then you see yourself in your wedding dress, and the tears start flowing. To ensure you don't get panda eyes if this happens, pack makeup remover wipes. 

10. Storage Pouch

beautiful white storage pouch with custom wording is another covetable, super practical item to get for you and the ladies. Should you need a certain item, it'll be easy to find. Here are essential items for the bridal party's storage pouches:

  • Bobby pins
  • Q-tips
  • Clear nail polish
  • Tissues
  • Hair ties
  • Safety pins
  • Double-sided tape
  • Tweezers
  • Sewing kit
  • Medicine 
  • Feminine products
  • Bandages
  • Super glue

A white pouch with patches that read "Mrs"

Bonus Items

Okay, here are a few extra handy items to bring along: 

  • Hangers: Many suites have these, but it can be inconvenient and difficult to steam clothing if they don't. 
  • Flats: You may have no problem staying in heels all night, but there's no harm in throwing in a pair just in case.
  • Hairspray: To have and to hold your hair perfectly all day, pack the spray.
  • Hand fan: The buzz of the day can cause the sweats. A hand fan keeps your makeup set, the tears dry and the sweat at bay. 

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A woman wearing a pink robe gets ready in the bridal suite