June 27, 2023 2 min read

Planning a bachelorette party for your bestie is fun and also slightly daunting. There's so much to consider, with your main question being who to invite and who will sit out the activities. So, who should you invite to your bachelorette party? 

Preparing Your Bachelorette Party Guest List

The expectations are high, and the pressure is on. Deciding who attends the bachelorette party is the first step in planning and hosting a successful weekend. 

Who to Invite to the Bachelorette Party

It's ideal to ask the bride about they'd like to extend an invite to the bachelorette party. Yes, she may not be part of the planning process, but she will have insight into who will be comfortable joining. The bride may also have a cool aunt who'll be up for anything or a close relationship with her mom.

Generally, bachelorette parties are for the closest friends — the bride's inner circle. This may include the bridesmaids, sisters, house party or close friends. 

A bridal shower is more inclusive and a pre-wedding festivity for all the ladies. The bach party is all about the bride, all about the fun and all about zero regrets and no judgment.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding who gets the yay or nay:

  • Group size: Consider your budget and what type of party you want to host. Then, tailor the guest list.
  • Logistics: Most bachelorettes are weekend getaways. Logistically, what will make sense when considering travel arrangements, reservations, accommodations and the itinerary?
  • Good fit: Some guests have different beliefs and ideas of fun, and some guests don't have the budget to participate in all the festivities. The last thing you want is the bride feeling judged or a party member feeling awkward. If you're deciding not to invite one of the bride's nearest and dearest, consider tactfully explaining why the bridal shower may be their go-to event instead. 
  • No obligations: Who'd be on the list if you didn't have to spare feelings? Consider sticking to that list. Only some people have to be part of all the festivities.
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Who Is Typically Not Invited to a Bachelorette Party? 

Bachelorette parties are usually not something moms and mothers-in-law attend. These celebrations are all about the closest ladies having weekend adventures. Guys only participate if the bride's bestie is a bridesman. 

It also depends on the bride. If her ultimate last bash is lowkey, like a spa day and lavish lunch, then moms, aunts and more conservative guests could have a ball. For a wild weekend, keep the list short. 

Host the Best Bach Party Ever

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