April 25, 2023 2 min read

With the warmer weather it's no wonder that Pickleball has quickly become the new favorite Spring activity! It is the perfect activity to get some exercise and sun, not to mention how fun it is to grab a group of friends and head to the park for a couple of hours of play! On top of knowing how to play, it is also important to know some things you should bring in order to play comfortably, and have the time of your life! Here is a listof some things to make your Pickleball play time enjoyable. 

5 Things You Need To Bring to Pickleball 

1. Pickleball Paddle

This may be obvious, but you may want to check the court you are playing at to see if they provide you with a paddle. A paddle is a required piece of equipment for playing Pickleball.

2. Pickleball Ball

Just like the paddle, this may be an obvious recommendation, but again check with the court to see if you need to bring your own or if they provide one.  A pickleball ball is similar to a wiffle ball and is necessary for playing.  

3. Water Bottle

Staying hydrated during the game is essential to staying healthy, but also enjoying the game! The 40 oz Monogram Tumbler is the perfect size for an afternoon of play! 

4.Sunscreen and Hat

It's important to protect yourself from the sun. Wear a hat and apply sunscreen before the game, but also remember to reapply in order to avoid getting a sunburn and having to quit too early! This will give you plenty of comfortable play time!


A bag to carry all your equipment may be obvious but is useful for transportation and storage, not to mention how cute a photo opportunity would be! 

These items will help you be prepared and be safe throughout your Pickleball activity, helping you to be on top of your game, and have fun getting some exercise with your friends!